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CHESTMEDICAL is a Professional Health Consultancy based in Harare Zimbabwe striving to improve Health outcomes for the Africa Region

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Mission and vision

To be an Authority and Reference Centre on Health Policies and Health Strategies in the region while being the centre of excellence with adequate “Think -Tank” capacities


  • To look at emerging health issues as a “Think – Tank” and expose the gaps in the Health sector and inform the stakeholders
  • To strengthen Health Systems and recommend strategies that assist countries to achieve Millennium Development Goals.
  • To develop sound Monitoring and Evaluation Systems that effectively tra cv k investments in health by countries, the business sector, donors, and other investors in the health sector.
  • To explore opportunities and facilitate partnerships between the Public and Private Sectors for sustainable investments in health
  • To produce evidence-based research to advance appropriate responses.
  • To inform, educate and promote collaboration and health information exchange among countries in the region.

Our Services

General Practitioner

Counselling Services

Psychological Assessment

Family Planning Services

Confidential Medical Examination

Pharmaceutical Services

Pre-Employement Medial Examination


Annual Medical Examinations

Health is not Everything but Everything is Nothing without Health

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